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tom mike 01Control and Escort Certification Course

This course focuses specifically on the proper and safe way to handle an  aggressive subject by using CDT control, restraint and escort techniques. A combination of  static and line drills combined with scenario based training is used during the course to allow the trainee to get a better perspective of how to deal with an unruly, physical person. Controlling tactics as well as escorts  are taught and the training outline is in accordance to the occupation or situation(s)the organization wants covered. All techniques are based off of non-vital points and/or application.

cdt ladySecure and Maintain Certification Course

This course focuses on diffusion and compliance points, and how to secure and maintain the subject in a safe, non-vital manner either when standing, sitting or in a prone position of the floor.  Proper maintaining of all CDT compliance points are taught to be applied until the subject is in full restraint, handcuffing position or has deescalated his physical aggression.

family3Third Party Entry® Certification Course

This course focuses on coming to the aid of an innocent by-stander or fellow officer/agent/worker that is being physically assaulted. Knowing what to do and how to do it is the key to saving or rescuing another person. Dual activation and release points are taught in this first of a kind course through scenario based training all dealing with intervening to save, remove or escort an aggressive, third party.


.family3Last Resort Weapons Disarms Certification Course

When it comes to defense against different types of weapons this course can be a life-saver. Simple, quick and very effective weapon disarms are taught against impact, edge or firearm type weapons. To build confidence in the execution of these disarms high pressure situations are set-up in a role scenario format so the trainee can come out with a better understanding of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Last Resort Tactics

A specialized course that focuses on how to defend when higher force is the only justified  alternative. Techniques that are direct and to the point that give you th ebest chance of survival when dealing with an overwhelming or highly skilled individual or individuals.  The course is only offered to personnel that have been certified in CDT Control Tactics, and their CDT Certification must be current in order to register for this course.


Designed exclusively for personnel in the bar, restaurant and nightclub industry. This first of its kind course shows techniques that are made to quell a physical disturbance, escort an unruly person or separate patrons involved in a physical altercation. The course teaches a proper, safe way of handling aggressors when there is no other option but to use physical course.  Training scenarios are based on situations that happen in these type of establishments!

Clothing Diffusion Techniques

A course specifically developed around using a person's clothing to control, restrain and/or escort them. All techniques are applied via the clothing and are based on non-vitals aspects of the body. First designed for personnel working in public or private schools but now is also being used in hospitals and juvenile detention centers.

Code White Response

Designed specifically for Hospital Security and ER Personnel when dealing with a physical, aggressive patient or visitor. Techniques are all based on non-vitals aspects of the body and were designed to de-escalate a situation through the use of control and/or restraint techniques.

CDT Train-The Trainer Course

This Course is for select personnel only. A specific course designed to have a in-house CDT Instructor, known as a CDT TMI (Tactical Master Instructor) to provide on-going maintenance for personnel already trained in some aspect of the CDT System. The TMI Instructor will be trained and certified in a specific outline geared to the need of their organization and.or personnel. In order to apply you must have no criminal history and have some type of tactics background and documented teaching experience.

CDT® is the leader in "proven soft-handed control/restraint" since 1992.


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