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cdtanimation11What is the CDT®?

CDT is a soft-handed control/restraint system comprised of the most effective non-vital, non-aggressive techniques that can effectively control, escort or disarm an aggressor. CDT incorporates distraction and equilibrium techniques that can be implemented against any aggressor either in a one on one situation or as a third party entry technique.

What is the key to the CDT® System?

The key to the CDT System is that it's easy to learn and retain so officers/agents will be able apply it in real world conditions. The CDT System addresses personal safety, Subject Safety and full circle liability covering the entire spectrum ob both a physical safety level and a legal liability level.

law2Why would CDT® be an asset to a Law Enforcement Officer as well as a Private Security Agent?

The fact is that all CDT techniques have been tested on real people, in real situations and  under the most frequent aggressive acts. The CDT System has helped thousands of officers/agents subdue hostile subjects with no life-altering injuries to any of the parties

In what ways can the CDT® System help reduce liability within an organization?

Statistics show that a good number of personnel are hurt on the job while in performance of their duties attempting to subdue an assailant or unruly subject. One of  the main focuses of CDT Training is personal well being. By following the CDT theory that each situation dictates its own response a properly trained CDT person will lessen or eliminate not only his chance of injury but the subject's as well. This in itself will decrease workers compensation cases as well as civil lawsuits against the employer.

How is the CDT® System be viewed by the general public?

Because the CDT System is so direct and non-aggressive it gives more professionalism to the application of control/ restraint, especially if viewed by an everyday person. The initiation of control can be applied within a matter of seconds and maintained until the subject is in full compliance - without the risk of permanent or life-threatening injuries. CDT has eliminated the needless struggle and the forced take downs which have tarnished the use of force community for years.

What type of time factor is needed to learn the CDT® System?

Depending on the need and the type of situations that need to be addressed the CDT System usually is taught in 4 hours blocks of instructions. The course it self can be segmented in to Control/Escort, Secure/Restraint, Third Party Entry® and/or Last Resort Weapons Disarms. There are also specific training certifications on Team Cuffing and Team Restraint.

Why should an officer/agent use CDT® techniques when they are equipped with deterrent weapons such as chemical irritant?cdt03

Given the proper circumstance each weapon has its own place in time. This may be avoided in certain cases when the officer/agent is properly trained in a soft-handed control system such as CDT. Even if chemical irritant such as pepper spray is use the officer/agent still has to apply a control/restrain to the subject, and that is where CDT comes in.

CDT® is the leader in "proven soft-handed control/restraint" since 1992.


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