Thomas J. Patire


Tom Patire is the founder and senior instructor of the CDT® System. He has a diversified tactical background certified by different divisions in both the state and federal law enforcement levels to teach Defensive Tactics.  His background in martial arts started as a young boy in Aikido and then as a teenager in Hapkido and ju-jitsu and finally settling in on an eclectic form of martial arts called Hom-Do Combatives.  He was the first person in the northern tri-state area ever to be ranked and certified as an instructor in this art.

Mr. Patire by trade is a world renowned bodyguard and owns and operates one of the top bodyguard companies in the United States called State of the Art Security Agency which has been in business since 1989. He is also the lead instructor for the International Training Commission which is a company that specializes in training and certifying personnel in the field of Executive Protection (bodyguarding)!

Tom has traveled the world teaching personnel law enforcement, military and security personnel in countries such as Canada, Italy, Peru, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines and Japan. He services as a private protection specialist have been called upon by people such as Chuck Norris, Rupert Murdoch, Janet Reno, Cher, Mike Myers, 50 cent, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, just to name a few. And organizations such as the Grammies, Music Awards, Olden Globe, Yankees, Jets, NFL and NBA, among others.

Mr. Patire has been featured in numerous articles and magazines worldwide and he has appeared on many international and national television programs, including a featured documentary on A & E "The Inside Story", Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, CBS Morning Show, Inside Edition and The Cobert Report as the go-to-go guy regarding personal safety or national security issues.

Tom is a dedicated father who lives with his son in New Jersey.

CDT® is the leader in "proven soft-handed control/restraint" since 1992.


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